Meet Olivia Coombe

28166859_103783813784991_4036421238594123917_n.jpgOlivia Coombe is a trans artist, activist, organizer, and social entrepreneur from Beaches-East York.

As a mixed race trans woman growing up splitting her time between Toronto and Havana, she has had a pretty unusual life experience that has led her to appreciate the power of a community forged in shared experience.  To that end, Olivia has worked to build community through public experiences like the Nuit Blanche Renegade Parade, community festivals like Atomic Lollipop at the Ontario Science Centre and dozens of unique free public events around the city.

In the political sphere, Olivia has worked in the student and environmental movements, for national advocacy organizations and international labour coalitions, with Van Jones’ Dream Corps, and alongside various NDP MPs in the Toronto Coalition to Stop Bill C-51.

Olivia’s candidacy is dedicated to advancing radical but pragmatic solutions for the ongoing disasters of indigenous child suicides, the fentanyl crisis, and climate change.

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