We are a group of Toronto east enders who want to see racial and economic justice.

Facebook-Beaches-EastYork-Profile.pngWe are proud of our neighbourhood but strive to make it a better place. We are optimists who think that our governments can play a positive role. We believe that democratic reforms and social planning can level the playing field and give everyone more equal opportunity and living conditions.

Change is not going to be easy. Our dreams of a better future will not happen by electing the same-old, stale, sell-outs. Corporate politicians are driven by power and prestige—they have a vested interest in keeping things the way they always have been.

We are united together as NDP members. We run campaigns to elect people who want to work to make things better for people. Between elections we are still active. We meet monthly, attend demonstrations together, host BBQs, play board games. You can also find friendly NDP members volunteering in east end community groups, unions, places of worship, and residence associations.

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