Extend Emergency Department Funding Now

All Ontarians deserve quick, easy access to high-quality healthcare when they need it, close to home.

More than 2 million Ontarians are without a family doctor and, as such, may seek care from emergency departments and/or walk-in clinics.
Wait times at emergency departments have skyrocketed over the last 5 years, and walk-in clinics are seeing much higher volumes than ever before as more and more Ontarians struggle to access healthcare.
Multiple hospitals across Ontario are being forced to reduce their emergency department hours or, even worse, close their emergency department altogether.

Additional emergency department funding that has been provided by the Doug Ford government throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is poised to be removed after March 31, 2024.
Doug Ford must extend this funding until at least March 31, 2025, to ensure that all Ontarians can access healthcare when they need it.

Add your name to demand the government protect Ontarians by funding our emergency departments.

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